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Crashes / Lag Fix Guide

Hey Heroes!

Time for some Tech Support! Ever had problems with crashes or lag? Downloaded an update and started having device issues?
This guide will hopefully help with any of these problems and get you back having fun in the lands of Dal Riata.

As always begin with, Uninstall - Reboot - Reinstall.
(This can help clear old data, hopefully a simple fix)

Crashes After Updating Game:

iOS Devices

With iOS removing conflicting/corrupt data can be a bit harder than Android, with no inbuilt system to deal with data here are some steps to fix device issues.

In this section we will be: Backing Up Data - Formatting Device - Re-installing Fresh - Recovering From Back Up.

Remember to keep a record of your account details! Both within Celtic Heroes and iTunes!

Back Up: It is always good to have a back up of your device in case anything goes wrong, this will back up all device settings and data so you can restore to this previous state.


Format: This will remove all device data! Everything will be erased but your device will be in a factory new state without masses of data. This will remove all corrupt / conflicting data hopefully alleviating any crashes.


Re-install: Re-install a fresh copy of the game and test performance. With a fresh install on a fresh device it should be running smoother. If you are still having problems after the above steps you may either have hardware issues or a device without the specifications to run the game.


Restore: Technically an optional state, if the steps above did not work you can simply restore your device to its previous state.


Android Devices

Android is much simpler to remove old corrupted / conflicted data and will not require a device format.

In this section we will be: Clearing Old Cache and Data.

Navigate to App: In Android select Settings and chose the sub section Apps.


Clear Cache - Data: This will remove all off the App Data on the device, while the reboot reinstall should have fixed any issues this further step will make sure there is no leftover data. Always ensure to clear the Cache first before the Data is cleared.


In-Game Lag:

Some devices will not meet the recommended device specification to run Celtic Heroes, this may cause in-game lag and graphical problems.
The best solution to this is to make sure no background task are running (Facebook etc) and to turn on our Fast Graphics / Terrain options found in the Settings menu.


Hopefully all these steps help you get back in game running smoothly ready to kill monsters in Dal Riata!

See you in-game Heroes!

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