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10 yr anniversary post

Hello all!! I was bored and was thinking of all the fond memories I had in this game years ago. I’m coming up on the 10th year anniversary when I used to play this game.. when red claw was the best armor lol. I’m just popping in to see if there are still any veterans stopping by the forums. I’ve recently graduated college and have been figuring out where my life will take me. I would love to chat with any old friends, maybe play some pc games, chat on discord, or play ps5.

Missing all the fond memories I made, and the people I met along the way. Still one of my favorite MMOs of all time. Feel free to reach out!

Psn: repeatstuff
Discord: webb.739#7196
Steam: tnwebb33
Tyty- lvl 10000000000000000000000+

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