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Epona Toxic Garbage people.

Epona has gotten out of hand and honestly celtic heroes people are either toxic, lame asf or just pure no life. If you didnt start playing a few years back and your new to the game then you dont fit in. They assume you know all the rules and information regarding bosses and stuff about the game.
"Check discord" well Id love to if people and moderators let me join and let me join under 180. This ridiculous rule about joining a discord server after being 180 is absurd. You guys all talk about making server rules to help noobs or new players. But you cant make a open discord with all people and share the discord... Banning people from certain rules that people dont even know about cause theyre NEW. but you tell them to check discord for the rules. Hello hypocrite much.

The community is full of adults who act like children and dictate everything that people do on a game thats FREE. People cant be telling me what to do because im not an EG bs player. People hold themselves like theyre some kind of king or godly person in the game or something saying ban him or reporting him because they wanted to keep a drop lmao. Your a level 230 with maxed gear and just getting loot for fun and using it for your 20 accounts that you just keep making because you dont have any real life events going on? I approve of the banned players stealing all those drops at DL bosses cause at this point theyre just smart and fighting back the atrocity of a server you people have made it.

Re: Epona Toxic Garbage people.

I know for a fact 50% of the people are sick of the people running these rules lmao but dont speak up because theyre babies and scared to get banned lmao its a game for f*** sake grow up and talk about who cares you dont know them in real life. Or maybe just make the change instead of being slaves to a group of players that run the server how they want it to be run

Re: Epona Toxic Garbage people.

I stopped running things on epona a very long time ago but am happy to assist you if I can. Are you currently in the discord now? I’m XxPunsiherxX there and in game, feel free to reach out, I don’t look at forums much anymore.

Like all communities, there are some nice people and some toxic ones. Generally I’d agree that the server has declined in the past several years but it can still be a nice place to play and meet new friends.
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