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Selling A Lot of Stuff (Donn)

Here's a collection of the random stuff I've collected over the years that I will be taking offers on bc I'm broke xd
Jewels |
+8 Life Steal
+8 Ring of Bolas
+7 Longshot
+6 Ring of Riposte
+6 Rend
+6 Explosive Arrow
+6 Double Shot
+6 Sharpen Weapons
+5 Ring of Shield Wall
+5 Luring Ring of Soldiers
+5 Double Shot
+5 Bandage Wounds
+4 Giant Swing
+4 Rapid Shot
+4 Sharpen Weapons
+4 Nature's Breath
+4 Incinerate
+4 Bolas
+4 Incinerate
+4 Ring of Rupture
+3 Ice Attunement
Cronach Shrivewood Ring (+200 Nature, Fire, Ice; Vit 30; Def 50; Physical Atk Evade 50)

Spell/Skill books |
Ward of Fire (x1)
Rupture (x1)
Frostbite (x1)
Explosive Arrow (x5)
Stinging Swarm (x4)
Ice Attunement (x2)
Sacrifice (x1)
Spring of Life (x1)
Sharpen Weapons (x1)
Bless (x3)
Ward of Ice (x1)
Ward of Magic (x1)
Skewer (x1)

Weapons |
Shrouded Aeon Harp of Spiders (Increases max energy by 3%; 3 Crush dmg)
Donn (Defiance)
TaintTan1 - 154 Hybrid Ranger
Alacrity - 191 Utility Ranger

LiteOnFeet - 104 Spear Rogue

Mabon (MabonNubz)
Deija Shield - 146 DPS Warrior

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