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Fishing 190 - 200

I calculated how many lantern fish need to pump fishing from 190 to 200. Without lix and dayli quest

190-191 6.610
191-192 6.960
192-193 7.350
193-194 7.750
194-195 8.180
195-196 8.620
196-197 9.100
197-198 9.600
198-199 10.120
199-200 10.690
Total: 84.980




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Re: Fishing 190 - 200

Nice botting bro LMAO and I know you will say you didn’t but I’m not telling lmao
How the hell he's able to catch that much? It's hard to believe he's manually did it. I mean a few hundreds already put some pressure, thousands is tedious, more than that...its unbelievable.
I hope that one day, I will be able to ascend to "Heaven".
Where I play guitar and violin along with sipping a tea.
In a beautiful and breathtaking place and to converse in many languages.
That is my dream. That is my "Heaven"

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