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Clans of Crom

As the last post in the Crom section was 6 months ago, let‘s revive Crom a bit!

There are several clans. Some come and go, others have been active for years.

But who is the leader? What are the main things a clan stands for? Does the clan ally with others?
How long does it exist? And to complete the overview - although you can see it in the rankings - how many members does it have?
Is it worldwide or do its members come from a special region/timezone?

I would be happy if we can get an overview. Please try to write only about the good things in your clan and don‘t blame other clans.
Cery - lvl 225 rogue - Crom

Re: Clans of Crom

Hey everyone!
This thread was brought to the attention of a couple clans, and we are adding a bit of info here.
I am the leader of Sentinels of Crom. It was formed in 2017 when a few Sentinels from Fingal server went exploring to see what else was “out there.” We loved the slower and easier pace of Crom compared to the cutthroat competition that was on Fingal at that time. We took in other low levels and had fun progressing through the game stages together on Crom.
Sentinels of Crom still takes in all levels of players. We teach new members and help them to get geared from beginning through edl. We have fun bossing with our higher levels. We are not super serious about any aspect of the game. No one is made to feel bad if the only thing they want to do is fish or cook. We can kill through edl bosses alone or with help of other clans. We join with other clans to kill Corrupted Gardens faction bosses, Hrung, and a few others. Our goal is to continue progressing to more endgame bosses while remembering that this is a game and is supposed to be fun!
We have a clan bank. We do not sell armor quest items. We roll for drops, and if they are not needed by anyone, they go to the clan bank to await someone that will need it. We don’t have a whole lot of other rules besides play fairly, be polite, and have fun. We group most other clans or solo players that also roll for drops. When we are in a mixed-clan group where no one needs a drop, it stays with the clan it fell to. Most clans on the server do this as a universal rule to help us all progress in the game. We have a clan timer and a discord. There are currently 159 active members in Sentinels from all over the world and lots of other members that come and go sporadically as time allows.
If you are looking for a fun place to level and build your toon or if you want a clan that bosses but doesn’t take the game too seriously, then we may be the right fit for you. There are also plenty of other great options for clans on Crom. If you have other preferences for a clan, I can point you in the right direction for which to join. We also welcome new clans to the server, so start up a new one if you don’t see one currently available that fits your needs.
Crom server
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Re: Clans of Crom

Hello Kyree,

thanks for being the first to throw your hat into the ring!

I‘m happy to have got some proof that Crom is alive and has at least one active clan!

May the slow pace of Crom be the reason that no other clan has presented itself so far?

Come on guys, there must be some other active clans too :-)
Cery - lvl 225 rogue - Crom

Re: Clans of Crom

Hi there.
Nordic hooligans here.
This clan started because I was tired of being asked to Join a clan. I am kind of a lone wolf I quest. Then it started to grow a bit and we now got 29 members. Not many active though, but we are a cozy clan despite the name :)
We got a couple of rules. Be helpful and nice and have fun playing. Other than that, no demands at all. We got a clan bank and we try to help each other learning to play the game.
Members are all the way from Norway to Philippines (or however you spell that) and our leader is world famous for his bad speling….!
Feel free to chat with us. Not as much of a lonely wolf no more.
Rabalder is a 2 world mage. If you see me in Crom or Epona, then it is realy me you see. If you see me somewhere else, just ignore it. It is fake and will probably not be as pleasant as the real thing :)

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