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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

I was banished to wander the wilderness alone. My wife and children made minced meat. Tales of this beast had spread across the lands. I did not listen. I shook it off as rumours-stories to tell the children at night. I was young, eager and foolish. No more. The winter was long and gruelling. Their cries haunted my dreams and his blood-stained fangs left lingering pain. I have taken sanctuary at our last meeting place, i am bigger, faster and stronger-a shadow of my former self, the humans passing by bring only sustenance, I await my true foe. Bloodfang will pay with his life.

~ Stonefang
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Dear Diary,

Life is good. I AM a King after all. Thanks to my great battle leadership, my people have captured a new home. The humans call it Crookback Hollow. I accept that name. It does have a really nice ring to it. I suppose the human filth call it that because we live in a hollow network of caves that they used to call a "mine". I find that fitting, because now it is mine all mine hehehe.

I've got everything a king could ever want, a throne, a warm bed, lots of great stuff that the humans left behind, and our own personal chef. We even have a jail that is run by my old pal Lockjaw. (He and I go way back.) My buddy Gristlecrunch is by my side, conjuring spells and whatnot, and our new champion warrior, Bonehead, lives here too. He was called "Bonehead" because he was just a bonehead, but since those magic rocks from the sky landed on him, he's changed a lot. Yes, life is good. I just wish those darn humans would leave us alone. They never seem to tire of coming into our domain and bothering me and my people. I guess they keep trying to take their mine back, but I wish they would realize that we are here to stay.

I did make a very profitable deal with those silly Blackstone Cabal guys. They set up some of their secret meetings here and I even agreed to hide one of their top guys here. This Blackstone guy just hangs around my throne room, cowering in fear. He doesn't even lift a finger to help on those occasions when humans come looking to kill me, that lazy bum. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that.

Sometimes weak little humans come here and try to kill me. Apparently, old Maelcum Mathanach's daughter is pretty upset about the fact that I killed her father, cut his head off, and that I now use her father's skull as a mug. Honestly, I wish she'd just get over it. No matter what she tells anybody, I beat Maelcum in battle fair and square. It's not my fault that he wasn't as great a warrior as he thought he was. War is war. His skull just happens to make a really fine mug and I bring it with me everywhere. I understand how that would upset his daughter, but c'mon, she's got to move on with her life. If she wants to spend her days standing in the castle telling weak young humans to come and try to kill me, then we'll just keep cutting them down and dining on their remains. We're here to stay, even if we do literally live in Lord MacLir's back yard. (I'm sure MacLir loves that hehehe.) Well dear diary, I've got to go for now. Lockjaw captured some humans and I need to go torture them.

Until next time,
King Grotspew Crookback

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Here's mine: 500 words exactly.
EDITED: some words changed for accuracy to CH story, shown by *asterisks*. If that's not allowed, the original words are in parentheses.

I rarely ascend from the depths of Dunskeig. Once in a blue moon I meet with Jaryn, an independent smuggler with a habit of getting in over his head. He rarely wanders far from the tavern, but a month has not passed since our fateful trip to the Northern Peninsula.

Jaryn had foolishly agreed to deal with the Jotuns, and knowing my strength as *the Hawkhurst's*(a Hawkhurst) champion, asked me to accompany him. We observed a meteor shower as we walked that night. As we arrived in the Jotun camp, a bright red meteor struck the ground near us, injuring a Jotun warrior and myself. Jaryn and a few of the giants escaped the blast, and seeing the severity of my wounds, they bandaged me, and Jaryn returned with me to the sewers.

I was hesitant to lead him behind the falls to the Hawkhurst hideout, but my life depended on it, and if you’ve heard the tales of my deeds, you would understand that I, Coppinger, am indispensable *as the Hawkhurst captain*(to my fellow smugglers). So against my better judgement, I led him into the depths of our lair to my personal quarters.

As our expert healers examined me, they found that part of the meteor had lodged in my chest. They could not remove it, so they waited for me to succumb to my injury. To their amazement and to mine, though, my wounds healed, and I became stronger than before. I became larger in stature. I felt… chaotic. I experimented with new spells of chaos that I heard the Morrigan whisper to me. She whispered to my minions as well, and to my guard. Soon we were feared even by the rest of the Hawkhurst, and they abandoned the eastern well of the sewers. But they had no need to fear me. I became more bloodthirsty, yes, but I did not thirst for their blood - I thirsted for the blood of the Wardens.

As I heard the continuous, chaotic voice of the Morrigan, I developed a plan to lure the heroes who have consorted with the Wardens. Some of them already roamed the sewers, and a few had stumbled behind the waterfall and discovered our long-protected secret. With the plan in motion, *my*(our) finest conspirators had even lured a few daring weaklings to my lair. Few can get past my guard, and those who have engaged me or my minions have fallen. For my minions have also learned spells of chaos, and the power of the Morrigan sustains us if we are closely matched.

I am on the Morrigan’s side, but I fear for my life. The heroes bear the armor and weapons of the Wardens, and they are ever becoming stronger. I fear the day that my minions will fail and the heroes will rally together and best me, taking the piece of meteor to the Wardens to forge new armor. I fear for my life, and I fear failure.

I rarely ascended from Dunskeig before. Now I never do.
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!


I can hear them coming. The sounds of their footsteps are drowned by the echo of rushing sewage and rats scurrying and screeching behind each other. At last they are here. My challengers. But alas, as they catch sight of me, their eyes do not flood with fear and their bodies do not tremble beneath me as they once did. They merely stare at me. I can hear more of them coming, one by one they arrive, each one with more impressive armour and weapons I have never seen before. 'Ready?' One of them says, with a smirk on his face. He seemed like the leader of the group, his armour glistened with a purple aura and he wielded a dauntingly long halberd which glowed with dark energy.

I was not used to these kinds of encounters. I remembered the days of young travelers huddling together beneath my might, as I overcame them all with my power. I was unbeatable. I knew that.

'Start.' The others said to the leader. He pierced me with a blow so powerful that I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. My blows could not pierce this one... How could this be?! I was becoming weaker. My once deadly claws were almost useless. The rest of the group simply looked at me, chuckling under their breath.

They were humiliating me. I was unbeatable! I was the mighty SHIVERCOWL!
And that I was... But those days were short lived. 'Gj' , they all echoed together as the leader looked down at me as I sank into the ground slowly. He knelt and poised himself over me. His eyes met mine.

He smirked once more and mounted his serpentstaff, a treasure I have rarely seen, and sped off into the distance with his group.
I was a joke. A laughingstock. These challengers are growing too powerful for the mere likes of me. The once glorious Shivercowl was now a petty joke.

325 words :D
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

I Brutus the 1 and only true boss will over take the world I was once a normal being but something went wrong one day . was where I was born running around the woods doing my normal thing until I noticed a orb floating as I was looking at it it was looking at me as it also looked like it droped something?. I went to go pick it up first I made sure no one was around me so crawling over there looking scared what ever droped looked like a glowing berry. As I grabbed it something wet wrong my eyes turned red I could hear voices of my worst nightmares I struggled to do work and a red wisp appears and said you are the one as I am charfire we have control over your possessed body and we have a couple of workers for you and guards u will over take stonevale and the rest of this island we are on!

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!


I was once a powerful druid known as Deadroot roaming in Stonevale, feared by all even Falgren and his minions shiver alongside me. Those who attempted to take on me got wiped out in an instant! I laugh as i see the Stonevale farm squirm and the connatch army meeting their doom from the many creatures here. Nobody ever dared to challange me or any of the mighty creatures powered by our god Crom Cruach! Bored from no real challange to be met i fell to sleep. But my day met when I awakened from my slumber noticing that the 3 powerful wisps have been vanquished and I no longer see Spirehoof roaming the fields. I was wondering where Falgren until i found nothing but his remains and his robes. I was in shock from how anyone could even take on these creatures powered by none other by the god himself until shortly I was approached by many heroes wearing the legendary warden armor that must of been passed down by the few wardens who were rumoured to be killed! I tested these new heroes powers by throwing a lightning strike but to my surprise they were not killed! I was met with a match I never expected, after a long tiresome power I was actually starting to feel weakened and my energy depleted by the divine power of warden armor. I feel myself keep getting weaker overtime while these heroes are too determined to even feel tired. As I collapse, I found my spirit wandering around to my confusion and pain on my defeat, I looked in disgust when I seen the whole town cheering these heroes and restoring the peace to stonevale! this ended up with me being in the sewers and I see a fallen hawkhurst soldier. I absorb myself in this soldier and with my power I've been reborned was Coppinger the cruel! My anger has made my power stronger and I've now have my very own minions serving me ready for revenge for when these heroes come here again!

344 words

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Efnisien the Necromancer- 190 6*
Hey there weak Highlander! Before I destroy you let me tell you about all the times I have killed your fellow fighters. You have already probably heard great stories about me, I am Efnisien the Necromancer, the most skilled and powerful enemy you have ever fought, and I will be the last enemy you ever fight.
My story starts 200 years ago. I was the greatest wizard in Dal Riata. I was able to quickly surpass my mentor in ability and was to have a successful future. But then, both my parents died when our village was invaded by the Skullcrushers. I was away, when I returned home at the end of the day, I was greeted by a village in flames. I was obsessed by bringing them back somehow.
I found a scroll talking about the art of necromancy. I started practicing without telling my mentor. I found it came naturally to me. I started by killing a bug. I concentrated on it being alive. I opened my eyes and saw it crawling around like nothing had happened, despite its newly missing legs. Next I strangled a cat I found in Highshore. I practiced repeatedly on the cat until I nearly mastered the art. One day shortly after, I decided to raise an army or dead animals to show off to my friends. Most of my friends stared in awe, but one ran back to the village. He told his parents, and they told the King.
The king stationed spies to observe me, and when they did not return to him, he surmised that I had killed them. He was right; I killed them and reanimated their corpses, adding them to my army. The King and the Wardens decided I was to be killed, and put a large bounty on my head. I fought back, and killed countless soldiers and bounty hunters, until the warden got personally involved. All the Warden members attacked me one evening. I was quickly overpowered and killed.
After some time—I would guess about a year, but time is hard to judge when you are dead—I realized I could use necromancy to reanimate my remains and wage war on the Wardens for eternity. It took much concentration, but I managed to bring myself back from the dead. It was a very strange feeling at first, but I have gotten used to it. Now after almost two centuries of practice I have mastered necromancy and every other arcane skill. I am more powerful than ever, as you will soon see. I have stood here day-after-day, year-after-year, waiting for champions of MacLir to kill, with each I only become stronger. Now, let’s fight!

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

500 Words Exact (Perspective of a newly end game boss added)

I have reached power and wealth toward a point of seeing small adventurers roaming my land, desiring victory and riches beyond their dreams. Few have dared to come across me and my many minions to inflict fatal damage. For many weeks among my developing empire craving for more chaos upon the people of Maclir, some have attempted to cross my future plans, but none have been successful to defeat me. It has gained me humor among the weak to attempt such a task in small numbers.
It has been a few weeks since I have arrived into this strange land of people who aren't capable of defeat and resurrect, though they revive with less strength to end my rule, sometimes requiring more time to resurrect to face my power once more. It seems at times their numbers grow as long as their strength and the hunger for raids.
*Weeks Later*
The adventurers seem to gain no thought of defeat and instead gain persistence for triumph.
Many of which grew closer to end my reign upon these lands, but rage has been my friend, my ally, my partner in ending the clash of blades, rain of arrows, fire bolts and ice shards that fall on me.
The people who have attempted to defeat my reign have continued to become cooperative and implemented new strategies, each time progressing further.
These adventurers wear banners over their head, among comrades, rushing into battle in formations that can make any beast know fear. I now know my days of rule will surely come to an end in a matter of time, but I will continue to fight as I have in the past, with my minions by my side I will continue to seek victory.
*Days Later*
The mysterious adventurers that seem as though immortals from a distant land, with a lust for battle and a persistence that exceeds the gods of Celtic.
As they run into battle with warriors in a material that seems as though unbreakable, shouting taunts and cries in my name, inflicting my hostility I clash into battle.
Behind these almost undefeatable warriors are a group of what appears to be people of the earth, with heals that exceed dark priests that roam the tunnels, casting as though no end of supply.
As though things couldn’t possibly make matters worse were these cunning assassins, thieves, attacking from the rear with great strength with every piercing stab of their dagger.
Continuing to attack the warrior, I notice rain, rain that shines in the sky, seeming as though it can be the sun, but in an instant I feel a pain of a thousand knives, this was no rain but arrows from hunters known as rangers standing at a great distance.
Finally, I feel elemental damage coming from a class as old as time, Mages casting quick to allow their comrades to live.
I now know defeat, but it will not be the end, I will return. Ready to reclaim my Empire again.

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

The Eyes of King Grotspew
Ever since our ancestors journeyed to Dal Riata through the power of the Leystones, we have been taking what first belongs to the Dal Riatans and making it ours, snuffing out the witless heroes that try to reclaim them. And it’s no wonder Crookback Hollow is ours; I brought only the sharpest warriors, deadliest mages and most terrifying of jailers with me to this treasure trove of a land, leaving only the weak behind to fritter away their days in the shadow of our accomplishments. Thanks to the strength of my warriors we took over the mine, pilfered the mining picks, looted the bribes and later poached a Mathanach Torc from the neck of their pitiful leader.
Many of us died taking the mines, ravaged by wolves and trampled by Wyverns, but even when our own met their maker we did not hang our heads. We just dragged the bodies down to Dunskieg and carried on killing and looting. Crookbacks are like that if you didn’t know. My warriors eschewed long-term grief to revel in the immediate gratification I provided for them; ale, ore, and the delicious fear that rests in the hearts of every man, woman, and child in Lir’s Reach when the name ‘Crookback’ is spoken. After any good fight they would hungrily ask, “What is next for us whelps m’lord?” and my only response was, “I want you to kill more of these nettlesome heroes!”
Offhand, I recall a trio of most persistent heroes who made it past my men and far enough into the tunnels to gaze upon King Grotspew in all his glory. Ha, they weren’t even enough meat to make a good stew for the likes of me! I thought then that maybe they would make a nice, crunchy addition to a Crookback Salad. My laughter grew raucous as the battle-weary heroes approached in fear. One who seemed to be the elder of the group, a man by the name Maelcum Mathanach, offered himself to me to let the others escape. One heavy blow to the gut from my mace toppled him and as he laid there dying, the two other cowards in his company bolted from sight before I could mangle their spindly little bodies into the salad of my dreams.
It was foretold by Bronnuc Blackstone (my highly esteemed Scryer) that I would soon face a greater adversary than Maelcum, and it is my estimation that the other two Mathanach cowards are now searching for some way to get their revenge, possibly by enlisting the aid of an even stronger hero or one that has never been to this land. If one thing is certain, it is that King Grotspew thirsts for the chance to meet this new challenger face to face and paint his throne room red with their blood…

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

There's heros all around me I have one thing to say please don't kill me again ! The Heros says we love your low level rings and gear so much we just have to kill you, aggy says I get so tired of these noobs killing me just every time I resurrect... Just hurry up and get it over with so I can resurrect In two to three days heros say ok let's kill her! So we can kill her again.
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