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Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Greetings Heroes

We've heard stories of your journey as Celtic Heroes, but what of those foes that you have vanquished?

We would like to see your creativity in telling a tale from a boss perspective, be a boss and tell your story!

As a Celtic Heroes boss monster, what have you witnessed and experienced?
The Prizes

2 Winners: Glistening Teal Sanghal Fashion set

3 Runners up: Teal Sanghal Fashion Set


So many great stories, your imagination really shone through in this one. We've selected our winners of this competition as follows:

Winners: Regenleif, Voldemort

Runners Up: Turqoise, Bitey & Agent108


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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

i see all of my foes surrounding me, there are over 30 of them, staring my down. My minions took the lives of some, but they have all fallen. I ready my battle axes as the army charges at me. Even though they have way more people then me, I am still dealing major damage. I, Hagvar, am the most power... Hold on! They are just using deathcaps! Do they think im a joke? I will show them the wrath of Hagvar.
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Coppinger the Cruel (498 words not counting this line :) )

I am the infamous Coppinger, leader of the fearsome group known as the hawkhurst smugglers. My time in dal riata has been
quite interesting indeed after I was ship wrecked near the eastern dock, here I spent my days as a cunning thief snatching
and selling items that I "just happened to acquire". After picking off a few high ranking guards I began to get quite the
reputation among the locals, the cruel they would call me as I was known for killing those of whom failed to pay back
debt that I had so kindly loaned to them as well as many guards who would try to interrupt my business.
After some time of this I decided it was time to hire some muscle which was made up of thieves and fugitives whom
went by the name of hawkhurst smugglers, whose motto was "get in our way and die" abrupt but to the point.

After many battles with the law and losing many of my smugglers to the fights the remaining few of us were forced
into the sewers beneath lord farcrags castle where we would continue our smuggling in secret where the guards dare not
venture in fear of the dangers that lurk just out of sight.

A few years had past and we had began to grow again before I started hearing reports of well equipped fighters attacking
and stealing goods from a few of my lower ranked men before my generals would scare them away. Soon after they left I
would find that even more would come to kill and steal again, to meet this threat I told my smugglers to start poisoning
the water that the fighters would walk through and leave venomous snakes to greet them If they survived the poison.
Although my traps slowed them these mysterious fighters would recover at remarkable speeds to continue what they had
come for, I was getting desperate to stop them so I sent a few of my strongest to capture one of them and shed the
secrets they held.

What my strongest smugglers had found was unbelievable, they claimed that once these demons were killed that they would
resurrect from the dead almost instantly only slightly weaker than before, I couldn't believe this so I sent them to kill
one... my men were not mistaken.

Not long after I heard that it was not only the treasure of my followers that these vicious fighters were after but myself
as well, I was told that they where after powerful stones that I had stolen years ago in order to craft powerful
armor in order gain power that could match that of the Gods.

Some months had passed and I have grown my army 10 fold for the coming battle that would decide my fate and the fate
of my fellow smugglers, for soon the heroes as I have found they call themselves will be ready to attack and they will
learn that Coppinger the Cruel is not so easily beaten.
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Dear diary,
It has not yet been more than the days that I can count on my hand before these so called wretched heroes attempt to take my life. Each day that I'm still standing I become more afraid for my banishment but also more powerfull. The heroes that have been mislead towards me so far are no worthy opponents and therefore I can add more bones to my collection. But with every wave of young heroes their numbers grow but also their strength. I'm afraid I might have been betrayed and one of these comming days may be the day that I will crumble down in defeat. But it has not been this day, I will feed on the souls who dare enter and and I'll drink their blood. Dear diary I promise you this my dearest and only friend. As long as my presence here in this world is possible I will do anything within my grasp to reign over these lands of the living.

~ Yours truly Efnisien
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

WIP- I will finish after competition once Gelebron is released!
I checked with an app and it has exactly 500 words! PM me for a picture confirmation if needed.

Diaries of Gelebron: Through his Eyes
Chapter 1: The Heroes Attempt to Enter

Times once again pass by my earnest heart, slowly withering away in the wind.. I cannot bear to think of what those wretched heroes may do.. I've sent my youngest Watchers to keep the portal sealed, I will not allow the heroes inside. This is my realm. My place of existence. I am the king.

Chapter 2: The Portal has been Penetrated

I have immense faith in my comrades, I have even some of my best troops guarding the Otherworld portal. Already the heroes have broken the seal, I have great fear now that I've seen how strong they truly are. I have realised that they have the power to overcome me. I will show no fear, I shall destroy them. There is no hope to save them, they are mine now!
Crom has just left my tower... He said exactly "The heroes have come. You will kill them all or else I'll have your head and your realm!" I'm afraid, I really am. Fortunately for me I've got a whole army. Crom is imprisoned, yet I still recieve some sort of telepathic signal from him.... How do I see, I wonder?
Armies of heroes are flooding through the portal. My watchers seem to be nothong, and it appears some humans still exist from... the last tear in the seal...
They've frozen the armor of the wardens and it seems they will keep getting stronger and stronger as time passes. I must keep my presence silent.

Chapter 3: War Begins

The watchers are dying, I am struggling to issue younglings to guard, wraiths have been destroyed and I fear the Wyverns are my last hope. I've sent many elder watchers and an army of Kelpies, just to be destroyed... Aggragoth... Protect the Otherworld! Years have passed, greatly triumphant. Aggragoth... defeated, he was one of my most fearsome warriors. Dryads and Golems still prevent them from achieving entry into my chambers. If they destroy them... I fear it may be... the end.

Chapter 4: The End

"Do not fall back! We will win this war" I told them, even though I know this is our end. "Golems, attack them from behind, and Snorri will soon be awoken to defend us from these damned heroes!" I will soon awaken Snorri, then I will have the better end of the war once again! My dryads burning, the heroes have arisen from the portal once again, and have brought fire mages, burning everything we have. It is a living hell that we have endured, but we will not give up, ever! I continued ordering my army. "Attack! The heroes are inside! We cannot allow them to get to me!" I have many guards set, I am worried, for they are clad in Dragonlord's armour.

The End~
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Before the "heroes" came, the world was a peaceful place. There was no war, no fighting, only peace. They sought power; something I had, but refused to give to fulfill their greedy needs. When the boulder to entrance of fingals cave shattered, we all saw that our end was near. The "heroes" slowly progressed, and built a bridge to carrowmore tunnels. Our area had never been touched by a human in 100 years. We were unprepared for what was to come. War had not been waged in carrowmore tunnels for a century. I, was still in a deep slumber. Even so, I could feel the aura of greed coming from the humans. I knew that the king and his companions would do his best to defeat the humans who invaded our territory, but no one had imagined them to be so strong. Within a few weeks humans were able to get into the pit where king snorri bonechewer stood. There a ferocious battle raged, in which the king lost. The treasures of the king were all lost, and in return for those treasures the humans gained dragonlord armor. When the first human, a warrior, completed his full set of dragonlord, I awoke from my great slumber with a roar. The one thing that I feared was the full dragonlord armor. It was created by a human named fingal, who single handedly had slain me 100 years back. It was meant for the purpose of defeating me. Slowly the humans gathered in my chamber. Behind me, was a great pile of loot. It was treasure forged by my great ancestors. It held power that could defy even the gods themselves, and the humans came just for that. I however was not going to give it to them. I was determined to protect the treasure and keep my pride. It seemed though that the humans were ready to take it away. The battle soon began. It was a long and tedious one, a battle neither side wanted to give up. I knew though that as long as the priestess lived to heal me we would win. Just at that moment though , I turned my head to see her laying on the ground dead. She had regenerative powers, as did I, but those took a while to kick in. I continued to attack, but it seemed as if I was losing. I was on the verge of dying, and then all of a sudden, it happened. My body got infused with the almighty powers of morrigan, and I became enraged. I felt the power within me flowing like a river. I then unleashed my ultimate move, a move feared by the warrior Fingal himself, Fingals Bane. The blast was enormous, and a cloud of smoke covered the area. The dragonlord armor however, protected the heroes and the heroes used the smoke as cover to jump onto me and finish me off. I swore to return one day, and take my revenge.

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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

There has been a malevolence permeating the lives of those in Dal Riata for years now. It is an abyssal power none can resist, none can overcome. That malignancy is me. Every crooked trader in Farcrag castle, every enraged dryad walking the moors of the Other World, the greed and the bloodlust in the hearts of the great dragons Mordris and Aggragoth: it is me. Dal Riata's heart beats with the abhorrence of my own.
Rumors abound of heroes who can conquer my darkness and vanquish it from the lands; children's stories intended to inspire hope where there is none...or so I thought.
Recently those heroes have infiltrated the very tower in which I reside. Floor by floor they have ravaged my staunch army. Mordibrax the Eternal, The Grand Orb, and even the great Sentinel Omicron and his hordes of protectors have fallen at the hands of these unknown heroes. I must put my tale on hold for now. For I am the Imperishable Gelebron, bringer of all power, and these heroes of legend are now at my chamber's threshold.

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Fear. Something I once struck into the helpless eyes of heroes... Something that engulfed them in there dreams... Leaving them paranoid of the slightest whistle in the wind. The slightest creek on the floorboards. I made there nightmares real. There fears became reality as I the mighty falgren stood to be defeated...

But as all things must come to a end I stand here now gazing endlessly at a tree. A once blooming, beautiful, elegant tree. But over the years the tree has changed... It is now decaying tree. Just like me. I am now not a feared creature of the land. I am a now all but a joke. A underpowered creature who can be killed in a matter of seconds. Oh how I used to love being powerful, I felt worshiped, appreciated.. But not anymore.

I used to relish at the fights between me and these heroes. The sound of them marching through the lands to try and conquer me. The sounds of there weapons clanging. There voices screaming in agony. But these screams soon wore out. The screams became now screams on laughter at me. For I was to underpowered for these heroes.

I had my chance of fame, of power fullness but now I must reside back to my pit for a new nightmare was approaching. Gelebron himself was coming, how I wish I was him. For all I wish for now is one more chance to be feared.

Fear. Something that now engulfs me in my dreams. Leaving me paranoid at the slightest noise. For I fear everyday that I will no longer be able to strike fear into heroes... Or has that day all ready fell upon me?

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

The account of Aggragoth

The sky is dark, strange clouds rolling by. The blazing heat of the lava stone beneath me warms my scales and claws, awakening the dragon fire within me. Around me the small-creatures-that-heal-me, shuffle nervously, as a small army of similar two-legged beasts approach.

Dinner! I charge forward, wings spreading, flames blazing, ground crumbling as the bipedal creatures fall dead at my feet. The ground rumbles as I roar! My smaller brethren fly in, slashing and spitting flames at these lesser beings.

Yet, as quickly as the enemies fall, they are back up again! My healing black and red friends seem to have left... Where did they go? My brethren slowly fall beneath the strange held claws of these morsels attacking me, this prey is not so easily slain it seems. Their claws-that-are-not-claws cut into my scales, my blood soaking the ground, sizzling and filling the air with the smell of copper.

I slash, smash, burn, and bite at these morsels, yet they stand back up as they die. Slowly, my energy fades, my blood draining too fast, my strength waning, my bones creaking and splintering under the pressure of these attacks. What are these bipedal beasts?

As my vision begins to darken I release a mighty roar, I draw my strength and my flames, smashing and tearing the ground, turing all around me into ash. My vision slowly turns black... The ground smoking and sizzling with the blood soaking the burning stones. I see the steam and the heat, and the beasts who fell me dancing... But... Why do I feel so cold?

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