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Re: Festive Cheer - Design a Yuletide Mount!

The Yuletide Ollpheist

Background Info to Note:
The Ollpheist is a Celtic mythological creature designed with Krampus themed Horns.
It lives in the snowy mountains range of Ireland and feasts on every prey that comes in its path.
This Yuletide battle mount, Ollpheist, has spiked claws to effectively dig into the surface and climb the steep mountains whilst also enabling it to quickly hunt and catch its prey.



Tradable Vendor Item/Egg:
Frozen Spirit
The Spirit that lies within is unstable. Handling the mystical orb for too long may torment the holder. Supply Remus the Mount Vendor with this mystical orb to summon a Ollpheist mount of your very own.

Stats for Battle Mount Version:
Tier 6:
While riding this Ollpheist your movement speed is increased by 112% and you command it to use the skill 'Elemental Fusion' evenly dealing (Fire/Ice/Magic, maybe poison too?) and (Fire/Ice/Magic, maybe poison too?) dmg to all targets in range.
Slot: Mount
Strength: 125
Dexterity: 125
Focus: 125
Vitality: 125
Gives Skill: Elemental Fusion
Infinite Uses
Physical Attack Evasion: 600
Spell Attack Evasion: 600
Movement Attack Evasion: 600
Wounding Attack Evasion: 600
Weakening Attack Evasion: 600



Stats for Regular Mount Version:
Highest Tier:
This Ollpheist increases your movement speed by 100% and camouflage by 50%. Grants the skill 'Elemental Fusion' evenly dealing (Fire/Ice/Magic, maybe poison too?) and (Fire/Ice/Magic, maybe poison too?) dmg to all targets in range. Uses Novelty Ability.
Slot: Mainhand
Two Handed
Piercing Damage: 10
Poison Damage: 50
Attack Speed: 3000
Weight: 15


Inspired by Jemma Wright
Link to Artwork: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nRJYr

Server: Epona
Character: vu
Level: 186

Pet Choice: Imp
(Just provide coins if manage to win Spirit version because I cant equip it just yet)

Re: Festive Cheer - Design a Yuletide Mount!

As the cryptic runes that bounded the Ancient Fox to the tree of life decayed and collapsed, she begins calling upon the forces of nature. After spending decades bounded, she releases a powerful, yet devastating surge of energy that still lingers through the tree of life located right outside of the dustwither catacombs. As she breaks free from these chains, she is quick to get back into the battlefield and is loyal to those who are worthy. She will guard, heal and serve the brave warrior with dignity. But beware, the Ancient Fox will not be fond of those who wish to reign terror amongst the foes of Celtic Heroes and they will be met with her overflowing fury.

“While riding this Ancient Fox, your movement speed is increased by 112% and you can call upon the forces of nature using the skill “Bloom” to mitigate incoming damage and healing all targets within range.”

Slot: Mount
Infinite Uses
Strength: 100
Dexterity: 100
Focus: 100
Vitality: 100
Physical Attack Evasion: +750
Spell Attack Evasion: +750
Movement Attavk Evasion: +750
Wounding Attack Evasion: +750
Weakening Attack Evasion: +750
Level Requirement: 200

Disclaimer: I was heavily inspired by Artio’s skin in the game smite as well as Ahri from League of Legends. The reason as to why I came up with this idea is because I noticed that every other class has various mounts to choose from while only a tank and a caster/Druid can only choose one. My idea and purpose of this mount, is for it to be used by every class. Mainly for tanks, lockers, and healing Druids. Hopefully, you can take this mount into consideration for us players that main support! Thank you for your time and have a great day (:!


Name: Harvest
Server: Taranis

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