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Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

I think I started somewhere around August-September with the toon johnny113020, I lvled to like 53, quit, then started a few months later again with coolersjohnny, and quit at lvl74 ish, my next toon was advocatetanks, was in advocate with so many friends that I still know today. We merged with uprising and we had so much fun. And then I quit again and created execute 2014 of October ish, I joined ronin since I had some good friends there and wasn't high enough to get into elementals, after a fight with a member of ronin a couple months ago, I left ronin at 205 and joined elementals, I've had lots of fun there so far and am happy to be there now :D

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

My name is Schattenlied and I'm a lvl 191 rogue.
I started playing this game last winter and my first clan was ninja pirates :). I did quit for like 3 months and came back like in March. Then when I came back there was a new clan called sylph and was told it was the new ninja pirates or something. So I joined and now I'm still here and I got my full met, frozen and now Dl in sylph :). I'm a proud member of sylph :).
Little about myself.
I love playing baseball and I even made it to the little league World Series with my team. I'm also 15 years old at the moment enjoying life. I also do track and soccer.

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

Hi my ig name is Ripley, my main class is Druid and I've recently made lvl 200, I started playing when the hunter fash event was out so about 3-4 years only on bele, I joined my first clan called prime around lvl 60 while I was running sv half nakid, prime went inactive shorty after and I moved to kodiak with the rest of active prime until I was kicked during the whole daisy having a fit thing(I did get my revenge for that finally) after being kicked I wasn't sure what to do then I heard shy whispering me to come over to her clan sucuro, I was about 110 at this time and stayed there even threw the darker times untill I was able to get lvl 170 with the help of a almighty God by the name of tatters :) we went to elem together about a year from now and it has been a great time ever since, I love elem and all the people of the world and I wish everyone a happy hunting :) also this is my first post to forums
-little about me
I am turning 21 in 1 month :D the beers on you, I currently work at hooters and I live in a swamp

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

Jair started January of 2013
Not exactly sure how I found this game, but was downloaded to my iPhone for like a month and was clearing apps for memory when I decided to click on CH. Leveled up in a clan called BattleScar since I started. I would only see bloodbrothers and BattleScar so I didn't understand if the clans where the same thing or what but we helped each other out. At level 19 or something some guy gave me his redclaw armour and ancient cutlass. Really motivated me to play more. Leveled to idk what joined LivingLegends and was offered 15k to go back to BattleScar and be clan leader but was like na. Frai, nord, and agrath sure plentys more helped me out leveling and what not. I think I dipped out of Ll and went to Overlords, Lostdogs clan no clue honestly what level I was. Started killing the SV dudes tho getting more armour. Think I dipped and got others to leave (made some assumptions) I was decent level now ready for big bosses. Naruto showed me the ropes for these bosses then I tried getting into TheCrew but they told me they had to vote so I was like eh taking to long and went skyline. Started rackin up that gold nicely. Got a few astral pieces, then towards end of skyline elementals came through with the massive merger with don't remember darcs clan and ect. I took a break came back lost as crap. Blah this takin to long here again tho maybe finish another time.

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

Hi all! :)

My ig name is Amalee Savin, lvl 214 (gonna b 215 by end of day) ranger. I don't remember what year I started playing, but it was back when they had the flaming horses between farcrag and highshore. I also don't remember what world(s) I was on or what my toon(s) name was. I started and reatarted several times and then just quit. I came back over a yr and a half ago, did some more starting and reatarting. Again don't remember what toons or worlds. I picked belenus randomly, but I like it here and finally stuck with the game. Right off I made a noob clan, Guardian Corps, but it didn't take long to realize that it wasn't a good idea. So I disbanded the clan and joined Cheifs where I became a guard.I left Cheifs to start a new clan w friends, Prosperity, but didn't stay there long b4 leaving to do my own thing. I got 4 toons to lvl 100+, highest my ranger at 145, and then quit for 6 months due to rl obligations and frustration w the game. When I came back to ch I decided to try out lnvct/ronin. I was also guard in lnvct, and lvld my ranger to 170. Then I joined ronin. I didn't care for lnvct/ronin, and so I applied to Sylph. I joined Sylph and continued lvlng. Now I'm a guard in Sylph, a happy member of Elementals, and hopefully hitting 215 in time for the gele raid today. I've gotten full frozen (or at least the items) for my 4 highest toons mostly by soloing 4/5* (there were some donations from friends), and I love bossing. I rlly enjoy belenus and I love being in sylph/elems. I'm highly sarcastic w a weird sense of humor ppl rarely get. I'm all grown up, but my inner child is alive and well. Mostly I try to b nice to everyone, but I have a well developed temper so I have my bad moments, and I try to b helpful to everyone. I think there's a lot of great players on this server, and I'd like to thank everyone who's helped me out and all the friends I've made along the way. Oh, I also have a noob lvl ranger on Arawn that I don't play very much. My toons on bele r:

Amalee Savin 214 ranger
Catlee7 135 warrior
Amalee7 130 rogue
Catlee Savin 122 druid
Ama Lee 52 mage

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