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Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

So I'll start off...
I started playing CH back in september 2011, but usually did not play during the summer. I found celtic heroes because I used to play other MMORPG online and was looking through the app store and was like , "Why not...". Uprising was the clan then. Uprising, then marcus got banned and pt quit, so Uprising became Risen...which merged into VIIP... which went into LL... which became Ronin :lol:
Elementals is the top clan with Ronin as second; there is competition, but that keeps things interesting and exciting

I'm from PA, take martial arts such as Judo and Tae known do, and I'm an eagle scout. I like to play (American) football, volleyball, and airsoft/paintball...

Celtic heroes is interesting because the people make the game...from Crim and Lep's arguments (Which can be hilarious :lol: ), to whatever Daisy is, to all the pronoobs (pala :D :lol: ).

Currently, I am a 180 warrior with too many alts :lol:

Belenus is definitely the best server and I'm really glad I can be a part of it :)

Hope to see you in Belenus!
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Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

I also started in Dec. of 2011, I'm a pretty active player I guess. Only clans i have been in were Kodiakreavers, and ThreeAmigos, and now I'm in elementals. I'm sort of a late comer to elementals, but I really enjoy the clan. I am also very much into (American) football,and played the sport for several years. Now I mostly just play this goofy game and do some fishing when weather permits. I am still very dedicated to my first clan Kodiakreavers, and help them out as much as I can. I would highly recomend that clan to anyone in search of a good one. Tupan is chief,and he does a fantastic job, while Jeez, Kilopitia, TheDude, Blackrage,and I believe deathrogue are Generals.(if i forgot anyone i appologise) Oh yea lol Guardpup is also a general. My son actually introduced me to this game,and I haven't put it down since. My home state is Ohio,but i have lived in Wisconsin for 8 yrs and Minnesota for a year.

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

NOTE : I have asked from voldemort to make this thread sticky, he said he passed it to admins to look at it, hopefully it will get sticked

My turn

So, my nickname is Criminal, as u all know, in-game and on forums.
When i first saw the game, i was used to play on pc mmo's only, that are faster, this game seemed so slow and boring when my friend showed it to me, and i didnt want to play, but at some point i gave it a try, and i chose Crom (which is kinda similiar to Criminal, for short Crim), for a good reason tho, it had 1 less ping than the rest of servers.
I made a warrior called Crime (one of my and my 7 partners' nickname on MU Online, at a private server), lvled to 5, and then my friend told me to go for Belenus, since hes playing there. I was too lazy to delete Crime, so i made Criminal, and started playing on Belenus, and if tbh, idk how would i enjoy the game as much as i do if i would pick another world.
I dont remember when was it, but according to the details it was 2011, i assume late 2011.
I started lvling, in 2 days of playing (ofc without plat, ive never bought any plat) i got to lvl 41, got my plate set and my greatsword, and started working on ancient plate, i enjoyed the game like i enjoy every game as a low lvl, so i was lvling a bit more.
I joined a clan called Unicorns, i forgot the name of the chief, and i got a general for being highest lvl (yea, me, highest lvl, suprise! only lvl 62 tho :p), but soon after me and chief left, and we joined a pretty known weak~medium clan, forgot name and chief's name, then left it at for Advocate by MarcusD, that is where i met many ppl, rico, mosan, meme, pala, jhim, marc, theo and many more.
Advo got ruined when we decided to split it to high lvls clan and advocate as lower lvl, few days after the high lvl was up we broke apart, and left for other clans.
I was clanless, then met DragonSpirit, helped him on something, then he asked me to join his future clan Pantheon, so i did, along with max and pala.
We merged with LivingLegends after a while, and we were a big clan, many friends, many of them from Advocate, shy was the chief, dragonspirit quit at that time and max was like co-chief, but then there was a big fight over something that is related to max, so some left, including me, drk, vis and fing (who both joined back) and im not sure who else.
Then, like a week after, Aengus saw me clanless, asked me what happened in LL, told him all of the stuff, and he asked me if i want to join to Elementals (lvl req was 120 back then), and for all of those who might think i have joined since its clan for drops only, the first thing i told aeng was "But i hate darc", which could be a problem for me, but eventually i joined.

Since that time until now im a proud member of Elementals, im glad that everything led me to this clan eventually, there were few things that happened while i was a clannie (my quitting at lvl 133 before update, then came back a bit after update started, my quit again at around 160 or 170 but here i am), and i enjoy the clan, im glad that we get new members, i always want more, more members more fun, and i hate when members leave (unless its SirUnknown that got kicked), but cant help it, cant force anyone in.

I hope that was detailed enough about my time in this game, if i ever quit u can use it as "The Tale of A Criminal".

Few things about myself, not as a player.
Im 16 years old, i turned 16 only 3 months ago, and yes that means ive been playing here at even younger age, but never had problems with that.
Im from Israel, not many ppl are from Israel on Belenus and this game, ive heard about others worlds that have israelis, im the only one left at Belenus, the friend that showed me the game quit, Helplease which is also an israeli quit, and i heard about another one called NorthPole or something like that, but i never got to actually meet him, maybe there are more that i dont know about.
As an israeli im also a jewish person, im not very religious i dont have problems with anything that a religious person would, i dont have problems with muslim players, nothing against christians either as most of them are clannies of mine.
My native lang is Hebrew ofc, my English comes from gaming, tv shows, movies, i dont think school helps with that crap.
Something that its also as a person, and as a player, i dont give a damn to most of things, i always joke, many ppl might take stuff seriously, but 95% of the time i joke, if not more. I dont mind joking with anyone, and i kill many low lvls at the arena for fun, but that is the arena, i kill and i also get killed. I might annoy u, but again, i dont give a damn really, whoever likes me will like me for who i am, and not because i tried to be too nice or lick him, im not gonna change anything as a player or a person, whoever likes it can enjoy by the things i do, whoever rather hate, will be full of hate for nothing, im not trying to gain enemies, even those that seem as they're my enemies, were at some point my friends, if i did something to them they're still more than welcome to tell me.

I hope that thread will make Belenus forum section more liveful, and that new players will get to know us when joining this world.

#NerfMages #AvoidBalance #WhyPlayARogue #MeatShieldOnly #HealingSlavesOnly

OP dps warrior on Belenus, hot af melee druid on Nuada. #Elementals #Apex

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

Always interesting to hear what happened those months I was away... and I think I remember you criminal you were some random noob when I was on survivor that I gave some elixirs to right? I did not actually realize half of those people were actually ever in LL, but here is my introduction.

I do not play Celtic Heroes and barely have ever used the forums although when I am honestly bored out of my skull I will check them or groupie, or god forbid I even log onto Celtic Heroes. When I do I am the oldest player on Belenus although if scarlet, daneil, helgathegreat, or anya ever logged in they would have me beat. Me and Halinu started within an hour of each other and neither of us could ever prove which was first, that was a heated debate before he quit. My only claims to fame are being the oldest player so I can by right call you all noobs, and being the chieftain of the original top clan and first clan on Belenus, Livinglegends which I have been chief of four separate times the last of which was a gift from Shylyn, the dinosaur that I appointed chief in my stead a good woman who will go insane every week and apologize the following week, as I asked her to make me chief so I could take LivingLegends to the grave with me after everyone fled for some random new clan as they always have. LivingLegends was first surpassed by the most influential player on Belenus, Frankenstein later known as emmeanne or Ghastly, who led a new kind of clan, United after the first update that added level 45+ mobs to the catacombs, that did not allow players to freely join and leave at any level and group anyone at all for boss kills. It was the first time anyone on Belenus had made being chieftain of the top clan more important than being top level, I was top level, but he had the best clan. He decided to have a level requirement of 50, since I was level 60 and scarlet was 59 he wanted us in on it. I decided to prop up a random pair of noobs I had met that had decided they were going to fight United, their names were Sundropkiss and Haggis, of course Haggis in her endless wisdom named her clan HAGGIS which made it hard as hell to recruit people. Thus LivingLegends was disbanded for the first time in its damn long career. I could continue to recount, but at this point I took the first of my series of long breaks and missed the release of Stonevale and Shalemont and never again rose to the same prominance. So yeah I expect people will be slightly surprised to see this thread posted, but we had some good times. Oh and if you ever feel like you are losing a hopeless fight just remember LivingLegends which fought like Rocky did in the first movie, it took punches, but every time people would tell it to "STAY DOWN!" it would get back up only to get punched again and again and ultimately lose. It truly is the uplifting tale of being repeatedly punched in the face and failing. If anyone actually cares about how the game was in the early days before theCrew, Assassins (HAGGIS's period of insanity), or this Elementals empire, Its the only thing related to ch I enjoy answering questions about. Me, Bam (Meister), Frailty (Shylyn), Nightwight, Sushi, and Army were the most entertaining clan I have ever seen and had the pleasure to be a part of. If you read this entire thing you have too much time on your hands, did I mention I am a God?
I am a God at being humble.
And I am too old to be typing anything up about a children's videogame.

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

Keeping this short because im lazy af.
IGN: ShadowDemon
Join Date: October 2011
Clans: Advocate, Uprising, Enigma, LL, and now KodiakReavers.
Fav. Players: Meme, Hairyhovno, Med, Crim, lots of others.
Age: 15
Country: America
State: NJ
Sports: Ice Hockey and Lacrosse

Also anyone know if that fairy/witch boss from 2011 still spawns infront of the castle??
Ranger-104 Retired
Rogue-123 Retired
Warrior-100 Retired
Mage-100 Retired

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

Keeping this short because im lazy af.
IGN: ShadowDemon
Join Date: October 2011
Clans: Advocate, Uprising, Enigma, LL, and now KodiakReavers.
Fav. Players: Meme, Hairyhovno, Med, Crim, lots of others.
Age: 15
Country: America
State: NJ
Sports: Ice Hockey and Lacrosse

Also anyone know if that fairy/witch boss from 2011 still spawns infront of the castle??
She doesn't anymore

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

I'm me. My IG info is down in my signature, which is updated regularly.
I started playing just after the first Halloween event, I missed so much :cry: . I was really noobish back then, just less noobish now, and was terrible at the game, however that was when it was most fun because everything was new. I've had multiple accounts, this is the official one, and also the first one with a toon over level 100. This is the second server I started on, the first being Gwydion. I don't play that often because I don't have a device of my own :oops: . I will hopefully be getting one soon, not sure if that will help me level or not, lol. My first major clans IG were Advocate and then Uprising and now KodiakReavers.
I am American. I am a teenager. I enjoy playing video games, watching some commentary over games, attending church regularly, and reading forums.
I hope that you could read this unorganized mess.
~ TehGuyGaming ~

Main Lvl 125 Warrior TehGuy
~ Belenus ~ Clansman of Sylph ~

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

Hello wonder people :D I'm Glowie, I play as often as i can withmy husband Urururu (yes she's a he) We have played CH for over 2 years now. Starting in awrin then moving to morr, and ending up in bele( hoping its our last move as I love the kindness of the people of this server)
I'm a 125+ rogue he's a 125+ Mage lure monkey xD
I am always down to help out a friend in need and hobby of mine into find new players to the game and give them a helping mentoring hand.
My highest lvl toon is a Druid over 160. As I have abandoned her due to the world she was stuck in, but I have been enjoying the dps class greatly! Any advice is greatly appreciated! I have high hopes to go far. I am a life time mmo player with FFxi being my first mmo and getting 5+ classes to there lvl cap at 75. Can't wait to meet u in game! \m/ >^.^<\m/

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

Hi, Im Snakeboy23 also known as Snake. Im currently a lvl 187 Warrior, I started playing Celtic Heroes March of 2013. TheAsian(my good friend irl) showed me the game, at first i didn't like it but i learned to like it more and more as I played it more. The first clan i joined was called Uprising which was ran by Pigtailrogue(PT). Around when i was lvl 90 i met someone named Dissonance(pretty sure everyone knows him :D) him and I had the best time in Uprising and he later on passed me in lvl. At the time i was lvl 100 PT quit and i left and went to Roseblades ran by Mrsrogue and Spiritaldeath. After that clan fell, I joined Teddy Team which was ran by Buckstarr, that was around the time i got full frozen. Then I later quit at lvl 140 and came back because I always wanted to join Elem(which i am in now)

A little bit about my self outside of CH

My real name is Jeffrey and im currcently 13 years old. I love sports, my favorite is (American) Football and i forgot what else i was gonna say.... Well there ya go :D

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