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Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

Hey I'm jeez-deathrouge a sylph gen and elementals member been playin since 2011,great world amazing clan,still here bcuz of a few great players who helped me through,and elementals as a great clan:-)started off as Agrath in 2011,got hacked,quit for a year,came back as deathrouge,then jeez came around,was in kodiak for a while,then I moved onto elementals,Ty all who helped me get to were I am now:-)

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

Hey, I'm clouds. Kind of new to Celtic heroes and Im glad that I picked belenus! So far my Celtic heroes experience has been super fun! Lots of drama and yet there's peace at the same time, so happy I can be part of this great community. And can't wait to be a high level player that you guys can depend on. ~love, Clouds

Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

I'm Crusher mm, and i joined the game in November of 2014. I started dicing at level 30ish and made a name (not saying if it was a good or bad name) for myself as the Dicer of Belenus. :lol: I made one and a half million gold, joined Sylph in June of 2015, and hung up my dicing cape to stay there. Since then I have gotten to lvl 132 (as of Oct 3). I wear green frostguard, with snowbound legs and chest, and my huntsman mask. I am happy to be in Sylph and have two brothers who are working their way there. I secretly can't wait until the 'Crusher' part of my name is true. :D
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Crusher mm
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