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In memory of the players in 2011

This is the memorial of all the wonderful players who have quit in these times... we will all never forget them if you rember one.. I ask of you to state the name below in the memory of them....

If you have any more please put the name below
Proud player since 2011!

level 160 ranger arawn
level 145 rouge arawn
level 145 warrior arawn

I have been here since Yule of 2011 and I just recently started playing again from when I quit in 2014

Re: In memory of the players in 2011

I've archived some names from the past on my history of arawn post http://www.celticheroes.info/2015/02/history-of-arawn.html

2011 Catacombs Update
Wolf, Bronn, Raven/Nightingale, Xellaya/Xell, Kooks, Gereldar, Drizzt, Ana, Wizard/Krypto, Rawr, Spartikis, Iv, Drizzt, Cooper, Frank, Asclepius, Gysr, Etive, Zumuclyst, Loopworm, HassanJomaa, Bandit, SirWinston

2011-2012 Stonevale Update
Bronn/Bubbles, Kooks, Nightingale/Raven, Xell, Ana, Teaweasel, Krypto/Wizard, Ericc, Savaged1982, Crippler, Obfionn, Rafiki, Drizzt, DoctorOzz, Cooper, Tomo, Father/Iv, Vinci, SirWinston, Silvos, LoneW0lf/PrincessEVE, Redaki/Omicron, Jackos, Sanchez, sandlander, Kingowing, Gereldar, Frank, Xeon, Tathan, Zumuclyst

2012 Meteoric Update
Bronn/Bubbles, Nightingale/Raven, Teaweasel, Krypto/Wizard, Speedwerks, Oyrae, Smellyunder, KrazyKatz, Ericc, Savaged1982, Crippler, CJbeast, JCbeast, Model, NukeGurl, Obfionn, Rafiki, Ubs, Drizzt, Apoca, JoennyPotter, DoctorOzz, Cooper, Tomo, Father/Iv, Vinci, Hitgirl, SirWinston, Silvos, LoneW0lf/PrincessEVE, Jackos, Sanchez, sandlander, Kingowing, Frank, Xeon, Zumuclyst, Silvos

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