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Viva uskoci

Sanchez senior general of uskoci.

Many things were said from all servers about uskoci. To pour salt on peoples achievements is pathetic. We have worked hard with no intention of trying to be the most powerful clan but just to have fun with friends and play a game together. As for the rankings it is what is it is. Who cares, if it bothers u that much write ur concerns to admin. I hope u all enjoy a great game as much as i do and look forward to more great adventures to come

Thank you


Uskoci!!!! the best clan in arawn

If u wish to apply to uskoci speak with Vinci. He deals with recruitment. A truly helpful clan who have fun and conquer all obstacles the game has to offer. We have many clan events away from the usual lvling and boss hunts. Forge friendships and become a part of something great.

Speak with vinci if u want to join the number 1 ranked clan in all servers.

Re: Uskoci!!!! the best clan in arawn

And if you would like to join a smaller clan that is just as powerful, badabing is also recruiting. We are a fun group of people that are not so big that you get lost in the crowd. We pioneered hosting clan events and were the first in arawn to do a lottery, scavenger hunt, Easter egg hunt, and many more fun events planned for the future. Instead of inflating our numbers to the point where our clan is too big, we manage our clans size so that every person is valued. If you want to be recognized as more than a number, please talk to one of our generals, or myself.
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Re: Uskoci!!!! the best clan in arawn

If rather join uskoci goodies please make ur own recruitment post rather than try and hijack uskoci. Oh u did that and still no one wanted to join. Maybe u should join a better clan. I hear nueee started a clan which im sure is more helpful than badabing will ever be

Re: Uskoci!!!! the best clan in arawn

When a clan is too big, there tends to be more problem and you are more likely yo be neglected. Bada is very selective in who we invite. We dont simply recruit to make up our numbers. Me we have feedback from quite a few in name obliterated clan that they r upset with the ways drops r distributed. They feel like being in a communist state. Lol

Re: Uskoci!!!! the best clan in arawn

More attempts to derail the op. from weak minded generals of a opposing clan. Is it true u harass players after they left bada. Maybe u should talk katz another general of bada who is currently harassing players who left bada cos umm they werent valued. Facts are facts smell.

Re: Viva uskoci the most powerful clan in all servers

A race is a race ur either 1st or not. The rankings which bother u so much after a post was made stating that uskoci had got to number 1. Or it they way ur clan is reflected. Wait u only have urselves to blame for the bad image bada portray. Maybe u should start actually helping those so called valued members of urs. But wait smell is only here for smell. Let every bada member know that.

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