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Hey, if you don’t recognize the title then there’s no point of reading this. Anyways, if you do, then hey! It’s been 9 years since I and possibly some of you that I use to “play” with. That’s crazy! How are you doing? What do you think of the game nowadays, we’ve grown up, things have changed, and it’s nice knowing some of you may still be here.

Re: Bandit

Show wrote:I don't think you are bandit, if you are tho you better prove it, but yet again bandit was a scammer sooo, but meh i dont think you are bandit

I don’t remember anyone named show

Re: Bandit

Romeo wrote:Don't remember bandit but I remember thesis, he was a quiet guy but nice

i dont remember him. what year is this guy from? because there was a guy on band trying to say he was from 2011 called bandit. is it the same guy?
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Re: Bandit

wow, no this is definitely the real bandit lol I remember his forum name, hey bandit, I think you may mostly remember me as "Wizard" maybe Krypto as well but Wizard was my oldest toon. Didn't get along to well but hey that's been over a decade now haha. I was a 15 year old teenager when I started playing this and am 24 now, and married, lol. Ive had an endless amounts of breaks from this game but I do end up coming back every so often, currently am active on Arawn, hope you've been well.
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