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Hey arawn introduced your self

I saw the other server forums doing this so thought it would be good for us to do it to!

I started of playing ages ago and then got logged out of my account. I lost the login and support never messaged back (for another time tho)

So i lost that account and starts my vickstar account. I have leveled to level 171. Im a ranger and love to just chill and help people, if i can.

What about you? What do you link to do? Whats your most killed boss? What is your goals in the game? Give us a summary. And share the love.

Please, if interested or needing a valuation on any item, just pm me or join band and search for me. We also post on the most up to date forum posts.

Re: Hey arawn introduced your self

Mm, may be not bad idea for to know more ppl on server we play))
I m pretty new player, still learning,
In Love with that game (of course hope it ll be more stable…)
Rogue, lvl 106, very new born clan No Limitz)))
Engl is not mine lngv, so, i even not remember bosses names)))
In game - to have fun is the first thing ofcourse, but i really like to grow and open new locations)))
Yes, to play without help of big lvl guys almost impossible, but those big ones not really try to help)))… it s sad, but may be we just need to grow together in clan, till we can help each other….
Rugue, Arawn

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