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Re: Why the unequal drop rates?

@Criminal Yes the items don't have a class restriction, but obviously some helms are meant for a class more than another, and smart clans know that well enough to distribute their gear in a strategic way so as to maximise efficiency and damage. So my proposal, for example, is to increase the drop ra...

Re: A Thank You

You know, I just want to put it out there, but just as you complain about people complaining, the same could be said about you constantly singing praise. Not saying this to cause problems, but I think you need to adjust your perspective. If someone wants to blow out steam, then you should let them d...

Re: 5th Anniversary Celebrations! - Double Bounty XP Weekend

I never say this event is bad if u can read proper English. I say whether this event is good or not is random based. If you are lucky and get elite bounty this event is great. If u r unlucky and get all normal bounties, this event will upset u. So why have an event whose benefit is random and deter...

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