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Re: Mistake

Hey there, Mex here, While yesterday in the arena, i had a invitation from the clan RISE, while being in there for a couple of min, they kicked me out from the clan? I like to know why was that for.. cause i heard some bad things about me saying that im an scammer saying that i am that person like ...

Re: Best Lux?

I, personally, have a golden blade of ice, and an ancient dagger at lvl 56, and for jewelry, i use 3 minor sunfire rings (hope to make it 4 soon) a greater torc of prot, and a blessing of belenus, lux isn't that important to me, go for a golden blade!

Thanks alot guys!

I've been noticing high lvl players (and banks) dont like me too much, i mean, im lvl 56 (not too high, but im not a noob) and the players that dont like me are all about lvl 120-140 but, 2 players i really think are exceptional are SirSpunkalt, and Galleleo, they always help me out, and r never mea...

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