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Re: Ranger Skills Guide by Umayr

Good job, although yes, do the quests, all of them, and you shall find that you pick up every skill that one might need for a ranger except Steady Aim and Camoflage. However, you left out meditation, which increases energy by X amount over time, while one is out of combat. Otherwise, great job! And ...

Re: Pics

:D Yep! some of my favs too! I even saved some to my computer they r so awesome! (I especially like my pic- I think Im biased. :lol: ) Thanks inoue for the great pics, they r awesome! :mrgreen:

Re: Rapid shot is garbage

Rapid shot is useful only at 1, unless you are a spear-based or strength-based ranger. If you use a bow, and are a dex build, keep it at one. I'm only lvl 83, but I have 1 pt. each in rapid and barbed. I am entierly a dex built ranger, and Im using atm a diamond bow. It depends on how tough the mob ...

Re: Define ' KS '

Good job tai, I think that thats a great definition of ks. As a matter of fact, its what I use. Ask someone if they need help, sometimes even if they say no ill still stay and help once the whatever it is is below half. If they need heals, ill try to heal. If they want to specifically solo, ill some...

Re: Light heal

I personally prefer the sneaky bandage idea ( kinda like light heal but not ), although my rogue isnt anywhere near ow. Just my two cents.

Re: Is This World Clean?

Aileron says it all, although I am sure we would be pleased to have you here as well.

Napol- 76 Ranger- Phoenix Rising
Napol2- 40 Rogue- Phoenix Rising
Napolheals- 44 Druid- ZombieArmy

Re: Unfair Patch For Rogues Today

I agree, rogues are meant to be the speciality sneaky class yet rangers have a better sneak skill than rogues, c'mon they already have 2 heals! Hi there LoneWolf2299, Exactly, and btw please go check out my newest post called “Sneaky Bandage”. - its under Rogues as well. Thanks again for understand...

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