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Re: Starting a Ranger :)

Alright, so to start off the guide at the top is good for general things. You asked for dual devicing tips, however, in addition to lux tips. Rangers are really cool for two reasons for dual devicers: 1) they can pair easily with any other class (though for optimal dmg output it is suggested to go w...

Re: My dex build

I never really tried a dex build before, I use mostly strength adds besides bracer. Is this fine. It is going to be for bossing. Also note that I am on heroic attack elixir. Without it I have 6.4k attack You cannot just add dex and call yourself on a dex build. You are on a hybrid build, with rough...

Re: Best places to level?

I would try group leveling, with a rogue/warrior/mage. Rangers can generally take care of the heals. Carrow is perhaps the best. But for 123, your still on white ghosts. They may suck a little more than golems, but that's the best place. until your 126. Personally, I found the blacksktones hit too h...

Re: Leveling 4 real

As I said, that includes only leveling time. Not bossing, farming, merching, chatting, etc. Just leveling time. Y, do you think it should be more or less? I did mention numerous times that it was a rough estimate.

Re: Leveling 4 real

Uh guys, I THINK he means from scratch. Like as in, no lux, no lix, no plat, no plat items, no sigils, no armor- NO bonuses, with no dual logging or friends. I soloed mostly. While I did buy plat, I used it for my main. An alt of mine I leveled without plat, just relying on what the alt could get fo...

Re: Story Lines??

lol level up a bit more don't take my toon to be a noob,..I've been everywhere,...and the content is the same getting quest gear is an upgraded version of bounties You can be a noob and still be level 100+. I've seen it before my very own eyes. People who lix so much they don't know how to use thei...

Re: Story Lines??

I agree, they could do more with the story, though actually they do. OW has a bit of story, though ofc that could be improved upon.

The boggans and sewers have stories... Come to think of it everyone has a story, you just need to level up a bit more. ;)

Re: New ranger

I agree, steady aim is better than sharpen as far as results go. I will say this: Steady Aim takes a lot longer to cast than sharpen. Steady Aim does eventually add less damage than sharpen. And we have crap skills anyway, so why not use two skills that are at least decent- or even the best skills w...

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