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Re: Camouflage vs. Conceal 2018

Thank you! In my testing, Conceal seemed to have a slight range advantage. I felt I could get slightly closer to mobs without them detecting me. Very slightly. But with the only real difference being that Conceal lasts 40 seconds and Camo lasts 4 minutes, I am failing to see any advantage to Conceal...

Camouflage vs. Conceal 2018

Hello Rangers - I played this game back in 2016 and just came back. I did have a low level Ranger and remember the Camouflage skill. I don't remember having Conceal back then, I must not have learned it. In any case, I went searching on here and the rest of Google to figure out the differences betwe...

iOS and Android - same worlds?

Hello all! I played this game long, long ago. Back then, players with iOS and players with Android could not play together in the same worlds. I did some searching and haven't found a definitive answer. Has that changed? I am thinking about coming back to the game, but I have iOS and some friends ha...

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