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Re: Book of Rebirth

There are also one or two available from the questline (I stonevale for sure but I think there’s another earlier on). Used to be defector in shale but I believe they removed the reward there, and the other was the catacomb quest which the reward of the books was also removed. Defectors used to give...

Re: Yule recipes

IF there was multiple limited recipes throughout the year we wouldn’t be having this argument here. I agree with the fact that bring back the old stuff isn’t always good because that would still make more complaints all over the place and the ppl who were smart enough and bought what they could on t...

Re: Price check

Epona :
Sigils (5-7k each)
Super xps (1.5-2k each)
Heroic xps (5-8k each)
Hastes (2.5-3k each)
Health and energy (1k each)
Restos (150-200g each)
Idols(50g each)
Chests (20-25k each)
Dragon eggs (2-2.5m )

Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

I say
+1Balloons .
+1 on fireworks bigger and better ones.
+1 cupcakes that we cook and give awesome stats(even trolly ones) must be different kinds.

And all legacy bosses spawn every 4 hours like it was an actual event not just carrow!

All I am asking for,
tyvm for taking our requests

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