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Looking to transfer from crom to epona.
Also from crom to taranis.
Chests and gold are more than welcome.

You can catch me on these toons or trade chats in different communication apps(wechat/messenger/line)
Crom name :
Epona name:
Taranis name:

Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

I can’t force you to understand what I’ve said, if you really think I’ve repeated excuses? That’s enough for me to know that there is no point in continueing this arguemwnt with you. Or anyone on the server for that matter. We don’t need/want leechers. I wrote the rule book and I got that consensus...

Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

1st: what the heck do you noobs from other servers want in this Epona topic..., 2nd: not everything revolve around buying the gear or farming for hours. So you think the endgame player got to that point by getting hand outs? Nope, they went through what the new players go through they are not spical...

Re: Next dbl plat

Coman wrote:Why bother to buy plat, even if double. They’re only gonna scam the lixes off of you and blame it on a visual bug.

Move on, game is a goner (friendly advice)

Says an advice but don't do it himself gj


I can do that for you Epona: DoctorFlames. Taranis: MoonDancer Thank You DoctorFlames/MoonDancer for xferring and trusting me. Your so kind. This is now my toon in Epona. https://i.postimg.cc/XvhmQL97/Screenshot-20190427-140037-Celtic-Heroes.jpg Glad to help, and don't you mean the other way around...

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