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Re: Next Boss

Just adding my own idea to the mix: Crom World Boss where it isn't locked to one party but grants rewards based on participation/damage? That would mean that more people could participate and force clans to work together! In a bunch of servers, the 2nd best clan doesnt even come close to the top cl...

Re: Transfering to gwyd

I see. Okay so it isn’t a transfer ..I thought maybe this was a sanctioned...ignored by OTM .....by player base account swap. This is a restart. Thank you for taking the time to set me straight. This is what is called a transfer. Its not sanctioned by otm but is allowed. What you were reffering to ...

Re: The unspoken rule

Xanadu wrote:You know they're Taadah giving updates, not general comments, right?

Yes I do. But throughout the years otm doesnt put comments in the annoucement section. Muldar did it once when he was new and removed his comment as soon as he realized lol

Re: Huntsman ring

He said ‘’no’’ to my mail on SlyNub :( Bob plz tell him that huntsman isn’t op for a lvl 97 mage ._. I’m saving it for the OP SlyShadows not a scrub mage. :lol: Sly and I traded roles on gwyd ;) But I am making my main mage right now tho so :3 But slyyyy come to ussss with your op tanknesssss Arawn...

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