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Re: Update

Thanks :D that is great ps if you make mounts make DRAGONS and sell them for real money AKA platinum you would get alotta money im sure. Why havent you guys asnwered my friend on the emails or me? are u guys not checking email at the time? Also i wanted to tell u that the fighting style should be a ...

Re: Update

Admin, will the update be out before school starts for me? xD August the 8th. And make the enemys strong at shalemount revine no wolfs and such. I think you should make cottage's one for wepons and one for potions and misc and so on becuase you really made that quest to get potions way to hard and n...

Re: Lost my book of alteration

OMG IM SO MAD AT THIS GLITCH!!! I was wearing my old knight plate suit and had my COMPLETE redclaw outfit in my inventory. So I went to the merchants to sell some stones I obtained from fighting bosses in the catacombs and I clicked on the diamond and clicked sell and then clicked on the pearl and c...

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