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More Magic

I think you guys should put more magical things in the game like enemies and pets and other things. Fighting a dragon in a group would be much more fun than fighting a man called Avatar Of Donn. Add Trolls and Giants etc. Idk thats just my opinion because im getting tired of fighting HUMANOIDS aka t...

Re: Redclaw

which by what i understand is the only place where u can get it, on the FB page they said that its also a loot item but never have i gotton a redclaw armour as a drop item.

Re: Update

Yea but if i group up then the other members in the group are the ones that get the items and not me so its like a 1 in/6 chance that i would be the one getting the armour.

Re: Update

no, i defeated all bosses by myself and did not get anything. (i had a bunch of pots) they dont drop at all i only got diomonds. i keep killing them best thing i got all day today was an embossed chain greaves (-_-)

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