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Re: Druids Nature Touch?

dsgrendar wrote:Use it more often. I'm lvl 48 with nature touch at skill lvl 2 and I do about 185.
You need to train your nature ability. Mine is at 480 now.

mine is at skill level 10 and still only does 90 and believe me i do use it ALOT so idk y it wont increase

extra slots problem?

Uh quick question. I bought all of the skill slots with my platinum and my platinum seems to have been charged because i have none now, but my skill slots are not unlocked i only have 3 has this happened to anyone else?

Re: Stores? AND TO ADMIN

oh my god. instead of bugging the developers with a problem they are not responsible for, you should ask your "sister" to get your 50k back. you have not been scammed, you have been an idiot for clicking the "trade ready" button... did you not read ANYTHING? i did not click trad...

Re: Stores? AND TO ADMIN

actually i do expect my money back. the dev team has always helped me in past time and im sure this time will be no diffrent im not letting 50,000 gold just go to waste and in other mmos im sure u dont get 3 gold per kill so it isint as frustrating (-_-)

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