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Re: Support Ranger Help

Im level 42, is there a bow I can currently get besides the Ancient bow? Id rather not spend 5 - 10k on a bow ;*( Also where can I get a quiver that has unlimited arrows? Saw one last night! Weapon speed is very important for DPS. There is a bow out there that does awesome damage for its level, but...

Re: Support Ranger Help

This is perfect! Tyvm for this info! Is there a way I can respec my skulls and stats without having to buy from item shop? Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to answer this in my previous post. Yes there is. In the catacombs theres a quest that gives you 1 free alt book (for resetting skill points) and PERHAP...

Re: Support Ranger Help

Well most of what you have read isn't for low leveled rangers. In fact, a pure dex build kicks tail at lower levels dps wise as well as support wise. I would advise either or (str.dex.foc.vit). ALWAYS have vit twice your level until you start getting dragonlord armor (lvl 150+). It m...

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