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Re: lvl 90 ranger probs

Well your the one complaining about energy problems. I have been a hardcore dex fan since early v3, so I know about energy problems. If you want to sacrifice high dmg in one skill for high energy and not spreading your points to generally make yourself more effective go for it. Personally, I am sati...

Re: Dex or Str?

At your level, after you get 3 dl pieces you should have more than 300 str. Until you get those dl pieces, dex is better in general- for groups I know everyone likes light heal, and sharpen occasionally gets vocal appreciation- but steady begins taking sharpen down at your level. Until you get dl, h...

Re: I have a revolutionary Idea!

Just because sharp shot is weak as a dex based ATM doesn't mean we need to change the stat its based on people... If sharp shot was just fixed with its base damage I think we would all be fine with that. I agree that str based rangers need a str-based 'sharpshot-like' skill. I don't see why we can't...

Re: A Skill idea

Wouldn't a " sneaky shot" be a better idea where greater damage can be dealt when u don't have agro? Getting up close and personal in a flash doesn't seem like the best idea for a ranger. Called longshot xD Sneaky is when u got targetting first u cant cast it longshot is when mob standing...

Re: lvl 90 ranger probs

thijsdeF wrote:Uhm i never used any energy ring... Only sunshard bracelet and quiver this means i get 40 energy per tick which is low in combat if a skill costs 300 energu
I do have 200 energy sigs

I wasn't talking about an energy regen ring. I was talking about your skill rings.

Re: lvl 90 ranger probs

Yw nugget.

@thijsdeF: If you didn't use your rings to try to get to 50, and instead used those rings to give yourself extra points for other skills, you may find that most of your energy problems go away- and that you can invest in more skills.

Re: lvl 90 ranger probs

No. if you like you can get yourself up to 200 str while your leveling. But in no way is str better than dex until you get up to the 120+ levels. That's when skill dmg starts taking a dive and autos start getting better. After you hit 150-165 WITH 1-3 dl pieces start getting 300+ str. Until then str...

Re: I have a revolutionary Idea!

I would rather be hit by the boss a couple times than get ambushed by a bunch of mobs while I am supposed to be bossing. Because of that I am normally as close to the boss as possible, or at least right next to the druids (who sometimes take AoEs now too). I get relegated to protect our support peop...

Re: Injustice to rangers

If you actually had a mid or endgame ranger people would probably want to listen to what you have to say yakat. Otherwise, all you see is the outside of the class. Most people only see the outside of other people too. In order to see the inside of a class (which is easier than seeing the inside of a...

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