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Seasonal chests

whats going to be differences between different Seasonal chests from now on? As we can See the Seasonal chests include only combat mount token. pet token. fash token and some exlixs. which are the same in other seasonal chests.

Re: lvl 170 gladiator

Thank you for your information Bake. I dont See anyone Could benifit from the long respawning of lvl 170 glad, neither OTM nor players. It only makes players feeling frustrated and inconvenient. Basically good for nothing.

level 100 offhand for A New Rogue

Hi i am a New Rogue at level 100. wondering what to buy for my offhand. I have regen ammy but nothing else lux. I noticed there are dagger of slaying, dagger of haste, and axe to choose in CT lux shop. Anyone Could give me any suggestion to choose? All ideas welcomed.

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