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Re: Server

So i come on here there every once in a while but no matter wat time i come on i see that the server is dead how bad did it get? i have a couple of screenshots of only our clan with 64-61-58-55-43 peole on from last 2 weeks. Only our clan! not dead at all :p but yes as others said we usually dont h...

Re: Gelebron kill 9m 39s

TheLordOfDiablos wrote:
lifeguard wrote:Lets go woollvveees!!!!!!
Was a clean kill!

What are the times of other worlds? Would like to see what others got :)

Epona's fastest is 8-9 (we don't time, just based off lixes), amazing job for a single clan to kill under in under 10 though :D

Wow that is really really fast, nice job!

Re: Gelebron kill 9m 39s

I think we killed xtals 3 times, once before atempt. and twice while fighting gelebron. the second wave of xtals was prtty unlucky cuz we had 5% left on gelebron, if we would let gelebron reset just 20 seconds faster we would have gotten an even faster kill :) And i dont think you need to complain a...

Re: Hand to hand Druid

Check out the shalmont shop, there should be a totem ( costs around 1-1.5k i think )
And dragon lord and exalted dragon lord (dl and edl) are the sets you are going to be using late game.

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