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Re: A question about stonevale bosses (fragment droppers)

The warrior that tanked was level 108. Starspell was the mob I was bossing. He hit over 1k on the warrior... How in the hell are lower levels going to take him to be honest? As for any haters, I am running a clan and they need the drops. On the other hand though Danu has 1 top clan that hoards every...

Re: My Apology

I'm not a victim though, I am the reason Danu flips out 97% of the time. I have scammed, no clue how to hack but if I knew a way I probably would. To be fair the only way I can consider myself a victim is on the Cazz issue. Otherwise I probably started it, instigated it or whatever. It's cool though...


Level 65-74 to be a Recruit
75+ to be a Clansmen
I want the players to hit 90 before bosses are their main concern.

Venom's Motto:
The more you level the more bosses will be killed.
The more bosses killed means the upgrades dropped.
The more upgrades dropped the more you recieve.

My Apology

This is to any player that has an issue with me, I deal with a lot irl, and I am sure you do to. I am not going for sympathy so it will be unknown (what I go through). We might have just said the wrong things at the wrong times, could of been playful and either of us took it the wrong way, could jus...

A question about stonevale bosses (fragment droppers)

I have no idea about anyone else but my friend's warrior had over 600 armor and 2.5k health and was level 108... How come mobs hit 1000+ on him? I understand bosses aren't supposed to be easy but seriously... A level 70 should not be hitting 1000+... I couldn't even keep up with the heals... I could...

Re: Mages should be able to train at same speed as other cla

Haha I have a mage and a rogue, they are both valuable to me. My mage is ultimate dps, can outdamage rogues 15 levels higher. Incinerate Lure of Fire Lure of Ice Fire Bolt Fire Blast Cloak of FIre Ice Shards and Sacrifice I am currently dealing with school and decided to work on my rogue. My Mage is...

Re: WOW...

pigman wrote:good luck :)

howard is a moron ignore him

You didn't have to tell me, and currently me hitting #1 is on hold. Will work on it when school is over and I can work again so I can re-buy rejuvs xD

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