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Hey Guffy, just wanted to let you know I totally forgot about my bank and would like to give you everything on it if you want. This includes old Halloween 2011 stuff, Christmas 2011 stuff, complete midsummer (all greater but chest), complete solstice (lesser) and complete lesser earthstone. I think ...

Re: hacking clans

I hat you Confuzzled we used to be a good clan it was lvl 50+ unless they where good you have just ruined the clan most people have left even the chieftain has left thanks to you i hope your clan gets whats coming at it you had better watch your back or i will make you Celtic life miserable. YOU SU...

Re: Scammers of Danu

As the name implies, i will make a list if all known scammers, new and old. Feel free to message me others so i can update this! -Yachiru -UnknownRanger -Confuzzled (from what I've heard, feel free to correct me con) Well I am here, I don't scam anymore but I have before. I don't even play on Danu ...

Re: hacking clans

On the clan rankings Nova looked good, turns out it was just a clan full of noobs that relied on their chieftain to go out of his will to do EVERYTHING for them. In retrospect he will be saving a lot more gold.

Re: welcome to danu

Want a detailed list? There are people that get to know you and get enough information that they can guess your username and password, they are always a fun bunch. There are transfer scams, trust given to someone and then they scam what you wanted them to transfer, it sucks. I used to be a scammer, ...

Re: hacking clans

Lol that would be me, the chieftan of Wanted wanted to play a prank on his friend, the chieftan of Nova, and got me to switch clans and do it. I admit to it.

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