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Account problem

Sorry to bother you all, but im having a problem, i have multiple accounts that are able to log on and play normally, but one account when i sign in gets a "failed to connect to server" error, any fixes for this?
Thank you and peace

Re: Sorry

Are u intending that im a liar? Because im not, and this actually happened. Why would i kill my own clan?


Hey, assasin14 here, i was informed that while i was unable to play during exams, my little brother had logged onto my acc, caused some mischief and upset quite a few people, which led to me being removed from resurgence. Im not quite sure who he was targeting but i heard lonkar was one of them, so ...

Re: Arena glitch?

Sorry I've been informed this certain mage is not logging but using leystones, but the problem still remains that he is able to shoot from safe zone, making it an unfair fight. Bitey i will also report him aswell, ty

Arena glitch?

Hey, so on arawn there is a certain mage that attacks people in arena and before he dies he logs out. He logs back in but respawns back at quest giver just as if he had died, but thats not the problem, the problem is he is able to now shoot and cast spells on players from the safe zone without being...

Hey everyone!

After having quit for a few months i have decided to start playing again and cant wait to meet up with old friends, and mostly just play the game and have fun. See you guys around! :)


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