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Re: Sunshard for a rogue

I like the damage sunshard ammy and talisman the same cuz the skill on talisman is kinda useless for rogue but the 100 magic damage is also nice. A sunshard damage ammy does 150 fire damage for 15 sec with a 45 sec cooldown but gives 5 more hp regen... Its all in the opinion.

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

this is still going over old ground....living in the past permanently ex kudos abusers ....have joined prime/ascension ex prime/ascension abusers.....have joined kudos its 50/50 and always will be. danu just going sideways but gradually slipping on a monthly basis .....look at the inactivity/quit l...

Whats the point?

All we have been doing on the forums recently is clan arguments and just arguments... why do we even waste our time? its a game and its meant to have fun, not to start arguments and cause people to rage/stress.
LikeATroll 149 Rogue

Re: And this is why I left

Ps kola you are a ****** **** ***. Killing lvl 30 n 40 doing arena quest is bs n bulling, Glad your big behind left. FYI I saw u on Rhiannon. Don't come there as I will let ppl know of your true nature :) jackass as much as it can get annoying of someone killing you in arena while doing quest, it i...

150 build

hey guys and girls, I am a 149 rogue and am looking for a build. I currently have 500 vit 400 str and the rest in dex. Im kinda looking for a dps build with enough health so I dont have to constanly use idols. Thanks :D

Re: And this is why I left

i understand your a top clan but work together for once, your never going to kill necromancer and your 200 fulls are still going to take hours unless you start working together. Please understand, if you want to be sucessful in life you need to respect others and grow the hell up. Love this cuz its...

Re: guys ban this fake infinity!!

the fake inf1nity is also lvl 11 and wearing the same thing as the real one this is why i suggested not to dice any of the "infinity" dicers in castle. It is quite hard to tell which infinity is the real one so youre better off not to dice any of them tbh Machinama is the only trustable &...

Re: BeAtTz- enough is enough

Maybe if otm got a few more creative people in there think tank ,they could find better ways to make money other than purposely including glitches in the game that burn peoples idols ,restos , patience , sanity etc . Heres one good idea that im sure ive read somewhere else on the forums , a plat lu...

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