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I got banned because I did nativeX :( I had no clue I would get banned for it pls help Shouldn't have exploited a glitch. I have no sympathy for people getting banned for this. lol? free plat has been around for a while and a pop up tells you to get it... how would people know its a glitch if they ...

Re: Back to the old engine...

Hp and damage while you gave us 1k hp idols its physically impossable to even get anywhere without the whole clan on which is never going to happen... and the area damages would probably kill like half the clan at once. Yes and not to mention only having 1k hp with CURSE OF THE FALLEN its impossabl...

Re: Hi...

Kudos and Prime don't fight... Kudos and Ascension do tho :p

Re: Kudos: The Recent Break in Trust

You're judging a book by its cover and that's something you learn not to do in the 2nd grade, Kudos being our cover. Nitro is a small clan full of players trying to get a start, that has nothing to do with the affairs between Acen and Kudos, we're innocent. Clearly u don't even know about ur own cl...

Re: Selling

TheRedHerring wrote:I don't care if you think that way; you're not going to sell squat.
I'll take 100 idols ;)

Re: looking back

xxFireMercxx wrote:Dude idk why your Talking :/ your not even on AT ALL
Or like under your sign... I might be playing on a secret account...who knows... admit it

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