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Re: Give us something DEVS

we know VR working on another game, but we CH players been here for years and it's getting a bit boring without any new events, and the last tweet CH did was like a real while back. we players really need some events, updates. seems like DEVS just dont care about CH anymore and ur player base. plea...

Re: Black Friday Please dp event

If there is double platinum sale this week I will spend a lot of money, so OTM what’s the move? idk why they dont do it rn as they working on WH so they probably need money or so and they must do anything new in CH so thats good for them specially atm idk how VR or OTM thinks i ask for 3X Plat cuz ...

Re: Black Friday Please dp event

Johnny Depp wrote:When will the next double platinum event be? I thought it would be in April but do you think it will be in May?

i think players would be very thankful if they made it very soon
cuz that shiiiiit is about to go for 5 months and still nothing


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