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Re: Epona lag

Cotchers45 wrote:Game is freezing during raids and barely playable elsewhere. Server needs to be reset.

ofc it'll lag
Epona got tons of player's and thats not good
even in role playing
other server's got lack of players and thats also not as good as it's empty

Re: Give us something DEVS

Sad to even see DEVS dont even log fourms anymore It is a literal abandonment, they have the right to produce and get excited about another game, but it was quite irresponsible and greedy to want to do that and abandon their already consolidated 10-year mmorpg. this game wont ever come again its on...

Re: Keyboard issues

My Samsung Tablets updated this morning (Galaxy Tab S5e, Android 11, Kernel and the keyboard is no longer working in game. The line comes up to type into, but no keyboard appears. I've tried various settings and various keyboards including Samsung, Google and Multiling... Kinda st...

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