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Re: Unox Mindrender Needs a Nerf

This boss really isnt that hard. The aoe is a little much though and id be fine if you kept it the way it was. One thing I would change is that the 4 and 5* place holders do just as much dmg in that aoe. So maybe jusy nerf the PHs because we cant always get a druid wth magic ward on for it.

Re: For people that dual device!

I have barely any sigils on my druid and didnt use plat at all when lvling with my rogue. Maybe you just didnt have the right build or use the right gear. I have never leveled a druid to eg. I have friends who have and all of them have spent loads on sigs just to keep up with energy. If they are du...


I agree the unfathomable talking is going too far and I must admit I instigate it it sometimes. Not always, Only when I see my best buddy Targ.. :lol: Ill keep my mouth shut from now on. OTM has actually made this game fun again with the shorter windows, like the old Falgren days. Time to just enjoy...

edl boss times

Anyone know the exact spawn times for each edl boss now that they are 5 minute windows now? I was going off of someone elses time guide for it and they dont seem very acurate now with the 5 minute windows.

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