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chest opening

so what do you guys think about these new chest compared to last event ones i opened 200 new ones and most the stuff was terrible prefered last event chest although im loving that there bringng new chest back regularly. will double plat also be a norm now? im guessing it will be due to the limited p...

What will happen to aeon

Was wondering once the first round of aeon for all old fashion is done via chest will old fashioned finally be removed in the past fash was worth something you could make gold from now there all literally 2-4K a piece. Or will we Regularly have old fash in new chest for as long as ch exist I wana kn...

petition to merge dead servers

playing crom the server is dead only me in castle i dont see no other choice but to leave and start new on another server .

economys on dead servers wont be affected i know there are like 6 dead servers merge them to make 3 that way theres atleast 2 people in castle for each of the 3 merged servers.

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