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Something wrong

Tryna login for 10mins straight I can’t then when I’m in no messages appear that I say or shout chat log doesn’t show peoples text either also mail box takes 5mins to show messages

Buying Stuff

Are there any old player selling anything thats from before 2015 let me know what you got looking for certain stuff and others

Re: buy golden camoflarge charm or xp pendant 500 chest

i do like kites but the 15% hp kite is kinda useless it does give 15% hp but i need a heal on top of that for it to count and if i die il still need a heal .so its better for tanks mainly and also tanks rarely die these days with how op they are and with the amount of druid heals available. dont rem...


So as the years go on one thing ive noticed is chest prices have increased drastically from when i first started in 2014 they where going for 7-10k in 2015 15k the following years 25k and some servers all the way to 50-70k Cheapest Server i found was epona 25k from people 30-35k from Auction The onl...

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