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Re: Xfer from rosmerta

From my pov arawn seems to be inactive and theres little competition here and u might not like the top clan so i advise trying anothee server like rhia wasn't checking to see if it was active. i'm ACTIVELY looking to swap some gear for gear or gear for gold. so, if you have it and wanna switch to r...

Re: Hi

Deebaws wrote:
benbrook wrote:yeah i 'member you.

you still play on Rosmerta? I heard a lot have moved or quit

i play the bounties becasue they finite game time. i don't do much lixing though. makes me sleepy doing repetetive unfathomable.

Re: Changing worlds

Could just make all items xferred no-trade. They have the ability to do it, and have done it. Was the old "I dropped my royal shadowstrike" to get it back and then trade it. They made it bound automatically.

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