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Re: Skills revamp

I agree with the previous Ranger suggestions, especially Explosive Arrow. What an interesting skill that would be fun to use! But ultimately far too weak to be useful. In addition to making it useful (more damage, faster cast time) I would like to see Rangers to get about 3 more AoE skills. A skill ...

Re: Dunkskeig Sewers

In case anyone is wondering (doubtful), the bounty was abandoned and the next one was to kill the easy weak mobs that spawn between the castle and entrance to Crookback Hollow - much more appropriate for level 8. :)

Re: Son plays for Free...advices

I started a thread earlier asking for advice about the "friendliest" server. I have heard Epona is very good. But maybe wait for answers on that post to decide which server to play on. That will make some amount of difference in game experience and potentially economy, including playing fo...

New Server Advice?

I did a lot of searching around but either info was old or not specific enough. Is there anyone here who has a good enough grasp of all the CH servers that can give advice on this: I am going to start a new character on a new server. I want it to be relaxing - sort of a way to take breaks from my ma...

Re: Dunkskeig Sewers

Thanks for the answers, they are what I expected. My level 8 character got a bounty to kill rats in Dunkskeig Sewers. It's tough to get a level 8 character through Shalemont Ravine without dying. They might be able to get through Fingal's Cave because enemies are spread out over wide open areas. If ...

Dunkskeig Sewers

I started a new toon for fun. At level 8 I got a bounty to kill rats in Dunkskeig Sewers. I know where in the sewers the bounty would be; that one room with level 9 rats. But how do you get there at level 8?

Re: New Ranger

I can give my opinions based on my level 153 Ranger. I do not spend much money on plat. I spend mainly for "essentials" such as more inventory/bank space and occasional stat/skill resets. I do not buy chests, fashion, elixirs, etc. I tried a full DEX build. I tried a "mage" build...

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