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Re: Copper Goblet Drop

i have seen most red PH drop the goblet... i have a couple actually.. gave one away..

gem red ph all have chance to drop any goblet..

wolf seems to drop more frequently to me.. doomclaw actually drops remnants.. so anything is possilbe..

Melee Ability? what does it do?

Ok, so Brookie and I, in Rosmerta, are looking at a skelly drop. It adds +100 melee ability. So we were attempting to see what benefit it has to the player and I just can't figure it out. So, someone explain it to me. It does not add damage It does not add attack It does not add defence It does not ...

Tank Armor (how Quests play into it), and the lost Shield

Not a complaint per se, just an observation from in-game.. 1. Summer Event Summer event key things you could gain. Radiant (or lesser armors). Sunflower Wand. Hat or mask collection. Radiant armor bp and greaves (two highest armor pieces for warrior), are pure DPS armors. Great for rogues, rangers, ...

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