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Re: Reinstated World First Gelebron kill: Resurgence of Araw

Can we have a explanation of what happened Good luck getting a straight answer :lol: :roll: Omg do none of you know what a server rollback is? OTM literally explained this like 10 times already... if you read Muldars edit of OP, you'll notice it says server MIGRATION. very rarely, does anyone do a ...

Re: Yule timing

You have called and he shall answer!! ;) Yule should be coming out pre Christmas day, we are still waiting to hear from Apple regarding iOS approval but Android should all be good and ready to push live. So the usual steely silence from Apple while we wait unhappily :lol: Of course that's still a 2...

Yule timing

Will the Yule event start before Christmas this year? Will it coincide with the Solstice? Help a brother out with some plat burning a hole in his fashion.

Speak o' mighty Muldar.

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