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How many left in the land of roses?

Such fond and not so fond memories. Haven’t played game in months. Amazing how productive I’ve gotten.

Hope all is well. Miss the friends for sure.

Re: anyone else notice how quickly you can login now?

After the login server was brought back up (about 6 hours ago), the game loads much quicker now. Even on my old iPad3, the splash screen goes away in a couple seconds compared to almost half a minute before. It hasn't been like this since 2015, so we now know what is possible. It's not our devices ...

Re: Discussing the difference between CH and other games.

I think a better comparison could be kingsroad which is free. But you can pay to play faster as well. Has a lot of content. Is a mobile MMO You can team for killing (limited to 3) Has sets of gear. It's a decent game. Only aspect I think would be realllly nice to add here is that they have a level c...

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