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a msg to devs

To Developer's:
please don't make Warhammer Odyssey take u from Celtic HHeroes
im CH player and didnt like Warhammer so dont replace Ch by Wh

need double platinum event this week please

Re: Wishlist for Celtic Heroes

global boss with high level which is a new map has mobs and boss and all servers can join together the boss lock can be locked twice and the loot be better in the first lock the second one be good but less than the first one but that will need a good plan cuz of crashing imagine all players in that ...

Re: Wishlist for Celtic Heroes

-a new area that would be very great but that will open lot of things to do and for planning what its gonna be -new items is going to be good -lux vend or mount vend (need to get somthing back from old times) changing castle too would be great -extend curropted gardens map with another map mobs leve...

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