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Since the "Duplicating" is being fixed... May you please tell me what you did to do what ever you seemed to do to cause anger towards from other players? If it is truly being fixed than there isn't any harm in telling me. :D


PvP? Is it in the next update? It should be. I want to watch Defiant and ChosenOnes maul each other. I'd pay for that. I might as well sit in front of the entrance and say, "1k to watch an epic battle!" You should also make an area where different clans from different worlds can fight... E...

Goldleaf Wisps?

I haven't seen them since before the Christmas update... Have they vanished or am I just not lucky enough to find them? I farm in Stonevale on wisps and haven't seen any Goldleaf Wisps... Tons of Crystalhorns though...

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