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Re: Infinity!

There is always going to be a bug... I've been playing for a few months and only been on this site for a week. My main acc Confuzzled is only a month old though. I've noticed that every time there is a "fix" in the game some people gain, some people lose and others don't notice, benefit or...

Rare Halloween Darkflame Armor!

A friend of mine (and mentor) in my clan will sell it to me for 1,000,000gp or 2 Dragon Disc Fragments... I'm going for the 1,000,000gp because I can't fight bosses and get Dragon Disc Fragments... Unfortunately I'm unlucky with drops... Just goes to show you... Always have a warrior as your main......

Re: Infinity!

I don't think I gained... Considering that I can only see my Festive Sled and not my Avalanche Sled... I can't check my other acc due to the "reset".

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