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Re: Kudos: The Recent Break in Trust

Do you understand what pathetic means? Level has no meaning in this. Think before you speak While this comment is 100% true you do know you just shot yourself in the foot right :) I'm pretty sure he just shot himself in both kneecaps, the foot seems minor. I've known Galatic longer than most player...

Re: Kudos VS Ascension

He's right though, most servers have the same bs. I don't know direct problems but hell, when I play Danu actively I'm taking on both bulls by the horns. Unfortunately, I'll be working on world peace. It'll be Fuzz Era number 2. Clean Edition. Ahahaha. Seriously though, it doesn't take someone insid...

So I'm coming back ;)

I'm going to return to Danu around June-July, I hope everyone is as pumped for my return as I am. I can't wait to rejoin, I plan on having a fun time seeing old friends and making new ones. I sincerely hope I can come back new and improved, I'd rather not start out again in Danu badly. I hope to let...

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